I care about the American voice in all its depth and breadth and range; we’re not all living, working, and writing on one plane. And acknowledging that–insisting others acknowledge that–is important to me.
— excerpt from a talk at University of Michigan's Helen Zell Writers' program, 2018

Carey Salerno is the executive editor & director of Alice James Books where she has been serving underrepresented voices in the literary community since 2008. She is also the author of Shelter (2009) and coeditor of Lit From Inside: 40 Years of Poetry from Alice James Books (2013). She teaches poetry writing for the University of Maine at Farmington and currently serves as a literary curator for Pen + Brush, an international nonprofit organization offering an outlet for women in both the literary and visual arts in the city of New York.


Salerno has been invited to teach or lecture on poetry and editing at places like the University of Michigan, Indiana University, Bread Loaf, Butler University, Washington State University, Colrain, The Writer’s Hotel, and The New School. You may find her poems–and articles and interviews regarding her other professional work–in print and online.

*Photographs of Carey Salerno courtesy of Jaime Ranger